Frequently Asked Questions

I just purchased a course.  When will I receive access?
Our Customer Service team will set up your account and send you your login credentials within 48 business hours of completing your order.

I want to purchase more than 10 courses for my school or district. What do I do?
Please call 1-800-596-0910 to speak with a sales representative who can assist you with purchasing more than 10 world language courses.

What languages and levels do you offer?
We offer courses in Spanish, French, Chinese and German in elementary, middle and high school. Course levels range from introductory through Advanced Placement®.

Do Middlebury Interactive courses expire?
Yes, Middlebury Interactive courses expire one year from the purchase date.

What is teacher support that is available for purchase with my language curriculum?
Middlebury Interactive teachers serve a similar role as typical classroom teachers. Our teachers guide students in their learning by providing ongoing support, communication and encouragement, as well as feedback in personalized feedback on speaking and writing assignments. They quickly establish a strong rapport with students and continue to engage and assist them throughout the course. Middlebury Interactive's teachers are state-certified, highly proficient second-language users.

Are Middlebury Interactive courses credit-bearing?
No, however, students can and should discuss with their school counselor/mentor the options of receiving placement consideration and or/credit from their school if they successfully complete the courses.

Middlebury Interactive Languages takes pride in the academic rigor and integrity of our courses, instruction and professional development offerings. To ensure that we maintain—and continually improve on—this level of academic excellence, we align our courses with the standards of the leading world language and digital learning organizations (ACTFL and iNACOL).

We also strive to align our courses with the state standards in the states we serve, as well as federal Common Core standards. Additionally, we are working with Johns Hopkins University to conduct a third-party assessment on the efficacy of our instructional materials and approach.

How long does it take to complete a Middlebury Interactive course?
Each Middle School & High School semester consists of 18 weeks (90 days) of content. Each K-2 semester consists of 35 days of content. Each 3-5 semester consists of 45 days of content.